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Author(s): Nico Stuurman

imports delimited data into phplabware tables

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Function Guide

move($fromfile, $tofile)   X-Ref

mymktime($datestring)   X-Ref
No description

import_file($db,$tableid,$id,$columnid,$columnname,$tmpfileid,$system_settings)   X-Ref
Upload files and enters then into table files
files should be called file[] in HTTP_POST_FILES
filetitle in HTTP_POST_VARS will be inserted in the title field of table files
returns id of last uploaded file upon succes, false otherwise

get_delimiter($delimiter,$delimiter_type)   X-Ref
returns variable delimiter, based on delimiter_type (a POST variable)

get_quote($quote,$quote_type)   X-Ref
returns the string 'quote', based on quote_type (a POST variable)

check_input($tableinfo, &$fields, $to_fields, $field_types, $field_datatypes, $nrfields)   X-Ref
corrects problems in input data (Removes quotes around text,
checks for ints and floats, quotes text

check_line(&$line,$quote,$delimiter)   X-Ref
in quoted lines, empty fields are (sometimes) not quoted
we try to deal nicely with those here

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