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3  <html>
4  <head>
5  <title>Change log for PhpLabware</title>
6  </head>
7  <body>
8  <h3>Change log for PhpLabware</h3>
9  <h4>Version 0.3</h4>
10  <ul>
11   <li>'Modify' now takes place in a separate window (when the browser supports javascript). This takes some kinks outof the UI flow.</li>
12   <li>Started documentation (folder). First entry details report template file structure.</li>
13   <li>Improved data export and import</li>
14   <li>Added possibility to search on data linked through datatype table</li>
15   <li>Added postgres maintenance (Vaccuum analyze) to postgres databases</li>
16   <li>Moved access rights from a string-based approach (rw-rw-rw) to a boolean column based approach which should be faster in the long run</li>
17   <li>Added mpulldowns, a pulldown menu in which multiple items can be selected. For now, you can only search for one of these items</li>
18   <li>Updated dumptable, dumpcontent, import data and made menu entries for these scripts</li>
19   <li>Added standard xml reports</li>
20   <li>Added sysadmin defineable reports</li>
21  </ul>
22  <h4>Version 0.2</h4>
23  <ul>
24   <li>When searching on pulldowns, passing the value -1 will search for fields with No value.</li>
25   <li>Improved handling of datatype table, making it feasable to link between data in different databases.</li>
26   <li>Added script dumpcontent.php that will extract table content to a tab-delimited file.</li>
27   <li>Datatype date can now be freely used, changed table datatypes (version 0.1006).</li>
28   <li>Improved import script, now also handles quoted variables.</li>
29   <li>Allow 'complicated' searches on number fields (i.e., 1-5,7,9).</li>
30   <li>Datatype image makes thumbnails of images.</li>
31   <li>Added datatypes user, date, int, float, sequence, image, and table.</li>
32   <li>Opens View page in a separate window.</li>
33   <li>Makes indices of text, doc and pdf files, allowing for full-text searches in files.</li>
34  </ul>
35  <h4>Version 0.1, Initial Release</h4>
37  <p>
38  Created by <a href="">Nico Stuurman</a>, last modified: March 16, 2003.
39  </p>
40  </body>
41  </html>

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